Mark resigned as Managing Director, Australian Equities at Merrill Lynch Equities after 15 years’ service and entered the not-for-profit world in 2003. He volunteered at The Smith Family for three years and served on the boards of Good Beginnings Australia and Beacon Foundation. In 2005 he, and his wife Amanda, established Cubit Family Foundation, initially with a focus on support of the education sector but now more broadly focused on the majority world.

Today Mark has a role in the giving programs of Ripple Foundation, Planet Wheeler Foundation, Crap Foundation and is a co-founder of The Australian International Donors Network.

Since 2008 Mark has chaired The School of St Jude Australian board and is also a member of the school’s Tanzanian board. From 2014 to 2018 he was a member of Monash University Council, and he continues as Chair of its Investment Advisory Committee.

Mark believes in the importance of visiting partners on the ground and now spends four to six weeks a year on the road. He is passionate about international philanthropy, having seen over many years what can be achieved with long term financial resources committed to smart individuals who are solving problems in the majority world.