Angus has been a Director of Boronia Capital for over 25 years. Boronia ran as a Hedge Fund until 2018 and as a Family Office since then. Together with his wife Catherine they established The Ripple Foundation in 2014. The foundation is focussed on the alleviation of poverty. Its name refers to the ripple effect whereby a small positive change can ripple out from the source resulting in a magnified effect. This reflects the significant impact they believe can be achieved through well considered funding to international projects.

The foundation directs over 95% of funding to organisations operating outside Australia, predominantly across Africa and South-East Asia. They support a diverse range of areas including health, education, community development and people trafficking. The foundation takes the view that the most important determinant in the success of an organisation is its people. For this reason the Ripple Foundation back people by generally providing multi-year untied funding, allowing the organisations they support to decide where the funds should be spent.

Angus has a Bachelor of Economics from Macquarie University and an MBA from the Macquarie Graduate School of Management.